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A Great Hyde Ride

Posted by The Fishing Supply Company on 7/15/2013 to Fishing
Brown Trout on the Salt River
Today we get to demo the Hyde 12' Drifter, so off to the Salt River we go.  The day started out extremely cloudy and we all know what that means, BROWNS!
 My fishing buddy and I decided to fish a section that we had never been on before, but after today we will be fishing this section often!  What a great day, clouds, a little rain, and sunshine, what more could you ask for.  We didn't know this water would hold so many browns.  After a couple of hours we were looking for a cutthroat trout.  We didn't have to wait long before a nice cutthroat trout came up on our  modified Chubby Chernobyl. 
Nice Cutthroat Trout on the Salt RiverThe Salt River is not a wide river by any means, but does have great undercut banks, deep pools, and long runs.  These fish sit in the shadows just waiting for the perfect morsel to come by and they usually come out fast and furious!
All in all a great day on the Salt River.  There are many more sections of this great river that we still need to explore, but will keep you posted on the next adventure.
The Hyde Drifter is a great boat for smaller water and the ability to pick it up and move it easily. Check out the drifter on the Hyde website. Tell them The Fishing Supply Company sent you.