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September Fishing on Jackson Lake

Posted by The Fishing Supply Company on 9/22/2013 to Fishing
Trolling on Jackson Lake WyomingWhat a great morning! 40 degrees, glassy water, and sunny. What a good time to take the drift boat out onto Jackson Lake. Getting the boat ready at Signal Mountain we saw fish coming to the surface. Good thing we didn't bring any fly fishing gear?! We were looking for the lake trout today. Jigging for lake trout is an adventure. We headed out to our favorite fall fishing spot. I don't have a fish finder on the drift boat so we brought out the vexilar we use for ice fishing. I've never used the vexilar on open water before, so I made some adjustments to the float and setup.  My wife decided she didn't want to wait for me and started jigging. No sooner did the jig hit the bottom of the lake when she shouts out "I have one!", and what a nice fish it was. Didn't take long before I had one on as well. We took turns bringing fish to the boat.

Fishing with custom ice rodsWe brought up our custom ice rods instead of using spin rods.  They are a little smaller, and worked good out of the drift boat.  We were fishing anywhere between 30 and 100 feet of water today.  I had a nice fish on at about 80 feet, but was horsing it too much and lost it about 40 feet up.  

The lake was glass when we got on and Jackson Lake is such a beautiful lake.  We even go the pleasure of listening to the elk bugling all morning.  

Around noon the wind decided to start blowing us around, and it was a bit of a challenge to get the boat setup, so we headed to another part of the lake that was more protected from the wind.  That lasted for another hour or so, and we decided it was time to get off the lake before the water got too bad for the drift boat.  Any time you can get up on Jackson Lake is a great day!  
Lake Trout on Jackson Lake