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The South Fork is ROARING !

Posted by The Fishing Supply Company on 5/17/2013 to South Fork River Report
South Fork New BridgeThe South Fork is ROARING! We sure do like the looks of the South Fork today. After a few days of rain and a few more days of rain expected this weekend, the South Fork should be ready for Memorial Day Weekend fishing. The South Fork is running at 16,250 cfs. (as of this post). This weekend the South Fork will top out at 18,000 cfs. The Bureau of Reclamation intends to drop the level to 13,000 in time for the Memorial Day weekend fishing. GET OUT THERE! A reminder about the South Fork/Palisades area.... To access the Calamity boat ramp you will need to drive across the new bridge downstream and drive over the mountain to access the ramp. (see photo left) Looks like the drive across the dam is over for good..... any comments?